Educated speech 
therapy system

The future of speech & special therapy.
Built by eperienced therapists and world - class engineers.
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Voice Toys

This simple, beautifully designed system helps cochlear implant and other SLP patients
exercise with their senses.
There are 4 toys.
They are wireless.
They are neat.
They are modular, expandable, controlled by mobile app, connected to the internet.
Kids love it.


It glows and vibrates.
It reacts to sound level and pitch.
It is amusing and amazing.
It is what children love.


This beautiful device jumps as your patients speak.
And it's not all.
It even jumps if they jump!


These neat, smart, wireless speakers emit sounds that therapist choose, from desired position. Patients have to guess where the sound is coming from.
Mobile app keeps eye on their progress.


Sound Propagation Reading made easy!
These beautiful shiny rods,
wirelessly connected
to each other, react precisely to sound levels giving your patients sense of the distance their voice can reach.


Educated D.O.O.
Veljka Dugoševića 19